An offer you can't refuse

Regardless if you need a tiny bit of help or a full digital go through, I can help. None of my previous projects looks exactly the same and all my clients have their specific needs. Check out my different offers below.

Full package from scratch

For who:

You've just started to realize there is a need for an overall strategy for your digital marketing.​ Jey!

  • Webpage in shape

  • Logotype

  • Language

  • Photos

  • Overall graphic identity

  • Social media

  • Tools for measurement and follow-ups. 

Start and take it from there

Tailored energy boost

For who:

Let's start somewhere and take it from there. Easy, flexible and on your terms.

  • Digital content

  • Copy for webpage or documents.

  • Facebook-campaigns

  • Brochures

  • Roll-ups

For who:

Wow! Some things are really working great. But there's a need for more inspiration, tricks, and know-hows.

  • Train and educate your beginner social media-person.

  • Identify and develop your social media strategy: Target groups, tone of voice, color, results, etc.

  • Inspire, boost and push the ideas further. 

Ongoing guidance

For who:

There is a need for a bridging person. Someone who knows how digital marketing works.​ Don't mind the gap, get going right away.

  • You have a gap in terms of expertise, workload and the right person found.

  • You need a temporary person who can make everything run smoothly.

  • You need a dooer and a happy face who shows up to make things happen.


For who:

  • Tone of voice

  • Skilled content producer

  • Translator (english/swedish)

  • Newsletter

  • Webpage

  • Brand voice

  • Brand identity

You need text, a tone of voice, a brand identity or voice, something translated or just a "text-person".